Research Overview

Research on stem cells is a rapidly growing field worldwide. Their potential to develop into various types of cells in the body makes stem cells highly promising in the therapy of various diseases, including degenerative diseases, genetic disorders, and cancer.


The development of stem cell research in the world has experienced rapid growth in the last few decades. Similarly, in Indonesia, stem cell research is highly sought after among doctors, researchers, and even the general public. Several educational institutions and private companies have conducted research in various fields, including the treatment of genetic diseases, tissue degeneration, and cancer treatment.

PT Prodia StemCell Indonesia (ProSTEM) is a leading company in its field specializing in the processing and processing of stem cells, with a mission delivering life-saving regenerative medicine establishing ACT-PLabAdvanced Cell Therapy Production Laboratory) as a result of advancements in stem cell development, ProSTEM also houses a Research and Development laboratory within it that consistently focuses on advancing stem cell research as the primary focus of ProSTEM's Research and Development lab.

The ProSTEM laboratory is built and GMP certified (Good Manufacturing Practice) to ensure the quality of service and research processes, the ProSTEM Laboratory is also equipped with state-of-the-art technology for conducting research basic or advance In the field of stem cells and cells. In addition to having a GMP-certified laboratory, ProSTEM is also supported by experienced and certified personnel GLP (Good Laboratory Practice). ProSTEM always provided with training and knowledge to continuously improveupdate­ their knowledge of stem cells and cells is extensive, as evidenced by their attendance at national and international seminars and congresses. These professionals have also conducted numerous research studies and published scientific papers. ProSTEM professionals are also provided opportunities for advanced studies, researching both stem cells and regular cells. Additionally, ProSTEM offers clinicians and researchers the chance to conduct Clinical Trials to understand the potential and application of stem cells in humans.

ProSTEM, a stem cell storage and processing laboratory in Indonesia, conducts tests in vitro, in vivoand clinical trials to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of stem cells, cells, and their derivatives. Tests in vitro performed in a laboratory, using cells cultured under controlled conditions. Test in vivo conducted on animals, to see how these cells behave within a living body. Clinical trials are conducted on humans, to determine if these cells are safe and effective for treatment.

ProSTEM has a collaboration with sister company under the Prodia Group, we conduct clinical trial research. We collaborate with Prodia Clinical Laboratory for patient screening tests and also work together in executing and monitoring clinical Trial research with Prodia CRO. In conducting the ProSTEM Clinical Trial research, we are also supported by various Educational Hospitals in Indonesia and the Ministry of Research and Technology for basic research.

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